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MDI Studios specializes in web design, video production, stadium entertainment, photography, graphic art and digital marketing.

We at MDI Studios would like to be your one company for all of your business needs.

MDI Studios strives to give the best solutions and creative products to your business while keeping in mind our strong core values: creativity, vision, inspiration, and leadership.

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Brandon Giovannone


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A 2003 graduate of Warren Harding, Brandon always knew he wanted to own a business but didn’t find his calling until 2001 when he joined Warren’s broadcasting class, the WSCN.

He quickly became passionate about the multi-media world, and a few years later, he would create his company MDI Studios!

 Throughout the past several years, Brandon has studied ways to use the technology of today to better suit business needs. He understands what it takes to give your business a strong, clean, and informative image on the web or through video. He knows how to execute a digital marketing plan to give your product attention.


In 2015, he became a happily married man to Katie Giovannone. He credits her love and support as a large part of the success of MDI Studios.

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Meaning Behind MDI

MDI Stand For?

In 2005, when deciding on a new company name, Brandon tossed around many ideas but wanted the name to be short and easy to remember. Family is a strong value to Brandon, and being an Uncle is something he cherishes. 

At the time in 2005, he was an Uncle to a twin nephew and niece, and from his other sister a nephew. Ian, Marissa, and Dominic. 


He decided to name his company after his niece and nephews. After arranging the 3 letters in many forms starting with oldest, IMD, he felt MDI had a better ring to it. 


Now years later, he is a proud uncle to 9 and his original family of 7 has grown to over 22. 


Family continues to be a strong focus of Brandon. Every time he hears his company name, he is reminded that everything in life starts with family. 

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